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Starring Arkal

Arkal in Turkey
Arkal filters are used successfully to filter cooling water in an increasing number of Turkish plastic plants.
Burkut, Arkalís distributor in Turkey, attended this yearís Plastic Exhibition in Izmir at the end of May. The demo unit featured Arkal filters in the following configuration: one 3" x 3" unit, one 2" x 2" with pump for cooling towers, cut-off screen filter, and 2" and 3" manual filters.

Notice the two colored flow diagram placards illustrating where to install Arkal filters.

At the booth, hydroflow scale prevention devices were also displayed since they are also necessary for cooling water systems.
Access the Burkut site at: http://www.burkut.com.tr/

Arkal in Australia
Aquaculture in Australia is a booming business and Arkal Filtration Systems is in the headlines.
Netafim Australia supplied and commissioned an Arkal aquaculture filtration system to the new Fisheries Department research station at Hilary. This first-time event was hailed on the Investing in Aquaculture page of the local trade newspaper. The polymeric system including Arkalís automatic Spin Klin technology increases system efficiency and improves supply reliability to the research facility. The Netafim Australia site address is: www.netafim.com.au

Arkal in New Zealand
The May/June 2005 issue of New Zealand Aquaculture magazine features an advertisement for Arkalís all-polymeric systems as filtration solutions for aquaculture, emphasizing all-plastic construction, modularity and three filtration stages: hydrocyclone, disc filtration and sand media. Deeco Services Limited is the area distributor. Read more at: www.deeco.co.nz

Arkal in Argentina
The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute site contains an article entitled: Arkal Spin Klin Protects Micro-Sprinklers in Citrus Plants in Northern Argentina. Argentinean citrus growers realized that only through efficient irrigation of their groves would they be able to take advantage of the designated 8-week period to pick oranges and lemons and export them to the world market. Arkalís Spin Klin filters were introduced to protect the micro-sprinkler systems, used for maximal surface irrigation. Read more at: eng.export.gov.il

Yoel Vaks and Nylon Discs

If you are wondering the benefits nylon discs often present in comparison to the polypropylene version, ask Yoel Vaks.

"We have successfully used nylon discs in Arkal ballast water treatment test cases, for example in Hadera, Israel," explains Yoel. "Once we replaced the polypropylene discs customers benefited from easier system maintenance and minimized downtimes."

Yoel counts 12+ years of Arkal experience in product engineering and sales. Vaks notes, "I specialize in industrial applications, especially in the Far East."

Using Galaxy Spin-Klin at Liao Yang Petrochemical Plant, China

The Liao Yang Petrochemical Plant in China is a medium-sized facility and belongs to the Petro-China group (there are three large petrochemical groups: Petro-China, Sino-Petro and Sea Petro Oil and Gas) in northeast China.
China, especially northern China, suffers from a lack of water sources. As a result, the Chinese government demanded that the water companies conserve water. After conducting a six month study, Liao Yang Petrochemical discovered that most of the water in the plant was consumed by the cooling system. They decided to improve the efficiency of the cooling system by reducing chemical usage and upgrading the filtration equipment to reduce water consumption.

There are eight cooling water systems at Liao Yang Petrochemical, the largest having a total flow of 12,000 m3/h (52,834 gpm). They used eight gravity sand filters on a side-stream for each of the cooling towers, but found that the gravity sand filters became clogged easily and required a high water volume for backwash (more than 15% of effluent).

Arkal, in addition to other foreign and local filtration companies, bid on the project. The Arkal bid incorporated its patented and fully automatic backwash Spin Klin filtration system.The customer decided to purchase three Arkal Spin Klin filtration systems and one screen filtration system in order to compare the results.
The Arkal proposal included two Galaxy 12-unit batteries for side-stream treatment (600 m3/h - 2,642 gpm) and one Galaxy 9-unit battery (450 m3/h - 1,981 gpm) with a 55 micron filtration grade

Customer Benefits
The Arkal systems provides the following customer benefits:

  1. Backwash water consumption: Spin Klin uses less than 0.3% of the filtered water for backwashing, screen filters use approximately 1%.
  2. Maintenance: Spin Klin requires no maintenance; screen filters must be periodically removed and washed manually.
  3. Filtration efficiency: Spin Klin filtration efficiency is much higher than the screen filter

The customer has ordered an additional four Arkal systems (two sets of 5x3" Spin Klin, one set of 4x3" Spin Klin, and one set 3x3" Spin Klin), and another new project is currently being designed for a side-stream flow rate of 1200M3/h - 5,283 GPM.

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